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How to eject Expo to get regular React Native app?

I want to eject from Expo to get regular React Native app. Solution: Ejecting from Expo to regular React Native app can be performed referring this link.

How to customise components of theme?

I didn't find a way to customise of React Native components. Solution: To customise components you will need some knowledge of React Native you can use this link to learn more.

How to change styles?

I want to change styles of components. Solution: To customise style of components you can use this link.

None of the above, I have different error

The above listed FAQS were not of your help? Facing some other issues?
Solution: We provide our customers with lively support and welcome all your issues. We request you to provide a short description of the visible symptoms of the error that you are facing. If applicable, include error messages, screen shots, and stack traces. If applicable, submit a step-by-step walkthrough of how to reproduce the issue.